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Do you recognize this logo? If you're someone who cares about our impact on the planet and people's health, chances are you do. EnviroStars recognizes businesses that have demonstrated environmentally responsible practices, which in turn help to protect their workers and the communities they operate in.

EnviroStars is an environmental certification program that offers a proactive way to influence our quality of life in Washington State – where residents and businesses alike place a high value on natural resources and healthy lifestyles.

Certified businesses are recognized with a 2- to 5-Star rating, and can use the EnviroStars logo and window decal to show the public that they've had our objective third party assessment. The EnviroStars Certified logo provides an easy way for you to identify and support these businesses.

It's good for business, good for the environment, and good for you!
Hundreds of EnviroStars businesses can be found in cities throughout the region. Local government program representatives in Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Spokane, and Whatcom counties work with businesses to evaluate and reduce environmental impacts in all aspects of their operations – with a focus on reducing hazardous materials and hazardous wastes. This often leads to a range of economic and workplace benefits for the business.

The choices we make in our daily lives, becomes the legacy we hand-off to future generations. By choosing local EnviroStars businesses, you reinforce better business practices which in turn creates healthier, safer communities, and motivates more businesses to "work green" in order to attract, or keep, you as a customer.

For examples of what EnviroStars businesses are doing, see the Smart Business. Smart Choice.

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