The EnviroStars Cooperative (the Co-op)

The EnviroStars program was created in King County, Washington as a service of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in 1995, and has since been adopted in Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Spokane, and Whatcom counties*.

This consortium of county programs is called the EnviroStars Cooperative or "the Coop". We share technical expertise, leverage resources, and work to ensure consistent implementation of the program across the state.

Each participating Coop county signs a Memorandum of Agreement which outlines roles, responsibilities, and expectations as they relate to the EnviroStars program. They also sign a legal Licensing Agreement in order to be able to use the EnviroStars brand, logo and materials, which hold a Registered Servicemark.

The Coop convenes quarterly to:

    • address ways to leverage resources,
    • compare activities and progress,
    • develop shared marketing strategies,
    • resolve implementation issues and
    • create policies and procedures as needed.

We manage by consensus decision-making, unless a vote is called for (one vote per county).

*Snohomish county also started a program, however it was discontinued in 2003.

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