Step 1: Eligibility

The EnviroStars Program was designed to address hazardous wastes being generated by small businesses, as a service of local hazardous waste management programs in Washington State. To be eligible you must:

  • Be located in a participating county: Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Skagit, Spokane, or Whatcom.
  • Be a "Small Quantity Generator" (SQG)* of hazardous waste, or actively working towards that status.
  • Set a goal to reduce waste, eliminate hazardous materials, and/or put in place other environmentally sustainable business improvements.
  • Manage all hazardous wastes properly.

Your best strategy is to avoid, reduce or eliminate as many hazardous materials and wastes from your business as possible, then many if not most of these regulatory requirements will no longer apply!


Step 2: Apply >>

*SQGs generate less than 220 pounds per month, or about 27 gallons (half a drum) of hazardous waste per month, and accumulate no more than 2,200 pounds (about 5 drums) of hazardous waste on site at any time. NOTE: When recycled, some materials, such as oil and antifreeze are not counted when determining your generator status. This increases your chances of being a conditionally exempt SQG. For more information on hazardous waste generator status and requirements, see Washington Administrative Code 173-303-070 section (8) or Department of Ecology's website.