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Clean Marina Washington announces winners of the first Clean Marina of the Year competition

Posted on 06/18/2015 by EnviroStars
Andy Gregory, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, (206) 297-7002;

Clean MarinaThe Clean Marina program is proud to announce the winners of the first ever Clean Marina of the Year competition! Shilshole Bay Marina has won in the Public Ports Category and Foss Harbor Marina in the Private Marina Category. Both facilities are recognized for their exemplary leadership in pollution prevention and environmental protection.

Winners were announced on National Marina Day (Saturday, June 13) during ceremonies held at each facility.

Shilshole Bay Marina is recognized for their work promoting Required Management Practices among their 1400 tenants, hosting an oil spill response trailer and developing a prioritized Environmental Management System to take a comprehensive look at potential environmental hazards. Tracy McKendry, Sr. Manager of Recreational Boating accepted the award on behalf of Shilshole saying, "We are extremely proud of our marina team and community. It takes creativity, persistence and cooperation to continually work towards improving our environmental practices. We are lucky to have such great partners in our environmental endeavors and would like to thank them for their continuing support."

Shilshole has been a certified Clean Marina since 2001 and has been awarded a 5-star ranking by the King County EnviroStars Program.

Foss Harbor Marina is recognized for switching to paperless billing and correspondence and eliminating all plastic and Styrofoam cups as well as transitioning to high-efficiency bulbs and fixtures to reduce energy consumption. Foss Harbor is very active in the local community, working with organizations such as Citizens for a Healthy Bay and Tacoma Waterfront Association and cross-promoting initiatives through social media to provide volunteer resources. Marina staff recently leveraged Clean Vessel Act (CVA) funds from WA State Parks to purchase and operate a sewage pumpout boat, providing free and convenient slip-side sewage disposal for tenants.

“The entire Foss Harbor Marina team was honored and excited to learn that we were awarded the Washington State Clean Marina of the Year for 2015,” said Marina Manager Ian Wilkinson. “While it's always been our mission to provide guests with an outstanding marina experience, we've challenged ourselves to do so while contributing positively to our local marine environment.”

Foss Harbor Marina has been a certified Clean Marina since 2003 and has been awarded a 5-star ranking by the Pierce County EnviroStars Program. In a recent renewal certification, Troy Rowan of the Pierce County Health Department noted, “I am very impressed with the many projects that have taken place over the last two years that continue to demonstrate Foss Harbor Marina’s commitment to environmental stewardship.”

Presenting the award on behalf of the Clean Marina Program was Andy Gregory, Pollution Prevention Director for Puget Soundkeeper and Clean Marina Program Manager. “Our marine resources are under tremendous pressure these days from rapid development and upland sources of pollution,” said Gregory. “Every bit helps in our fight to save Puget Sound and preserve this extraordinary place for the future. No one knows this better than the boating community, many of whom have built their lives around spending time in, on and around the water.”

With over 70 Certified Clean Marinas in Washington State, this network of dedicated business owners and marine professionals are at the forefront of the exciting and innovative work being done to teach a new generation of boaters about how to care for and steward the marine environment for the future.


Clean Marina Washington is an incentive-based certification program in which marinas assess their operations and implement improvements to better protect the environment. Clean Marina Washington was created in 2005 as an expansion of the EnviroStars program. For more information, visit

Port Hadlock Marina Earns Clean Marina Certification

Posted on 06/09/2011 by EnviroStars
PORT HADLOCK — Port Hadlock Marina has been awarded 5-Star EnviroStars certification by Jefferson County Public Health and the Clean Marina Leadership certification from Clean Marina Washington, a nationally-recognized program that works with marinas to protect the waters of Washington State. Download PDF

Ken's Redmond Auto Body shows other shops a new paint system that can work for them

Ken's 5-Star Certified environmental leadership pays off on the goal of going green

November 18, 2010 Program Contact: Laurel Tomchick, 206-263-3063
Business Contact: Tim Campbell, 425-885-0661

On November 4th, Ken's Redmond Auto Body shop opened its doors in a rare gesture to mentor other shop owners and government agency staff on a new water-borne vehicle paint system. The collision repair facility offered an inside look at how it works and answered candid questions about how other shops can transition to water-based systems.

The shop has already started seeing benefits. With potential changes in environmental regulations on the horizon, the new system:

  • reduces about 90 percent of the solvents used in a collision repair shop,
  • cuts final drying times to about three quarters the time needed before, saving energy and time,
  • trims base coat paint amounts by about 40 percent – going from four to six coats, to only three – saving materials, while still meeting vehicle manufacturer's quality standards,
  • decreases the hazardous wastes generated enough to eliminate the need for a solvent still.

Despite the extremely challenging economic times for small businesses, owner Tim Campbell, recently chose to invest in his company and employee's future with new water-borne paint system technology. Chris, a painter at Ken's, demonstrated how easily the paint coating is applied on parts such as fenders and bumper covers.

"We are really proud to be on the cutting edge of preventing pollution, protecting our workers and contributing positively to our Redmond community. EnviroStars certification helped us to think about our impacts more broadly and how to get started," says second-generation business owner Tim Campbell.

Ken's Redmond Auto Body has joined a growing list of businesses that have earned the EnviroStars certification. There are over 700 EnviroStars rated companies offering a variety of services from car repair, dentistry, dry cleaning, landscaping, and printing, to veterinary care - a great way to take care of your business while supporting environmentally sound businesses in your community.

EnviroStars are given a 2- to 5-Star rating, based on their demonstrated commitment to reducing hazardous materials and wastes. Residents that want to support environmentally responsible businesses can look for the EnviroStars window decal and certification logo, find a business at or call 1-877-220-7827 (STAR) for a directory.

The nationally recognized EnviroStars Program was created by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County, Washington in 1995 and has expanded to include six counties in the Puget Sound region and across Washington State.

Good for Business. Good for the Environment. Good for You.

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EnviroStars Spokane program launches during Pollution Prevention Week

Posted on 09/09/2010 by EnviroStars

SPOKANE — The successful EnviroStars program, well established in the Puget Sound area, is now available to Spokane County businesses. EnviroStars is a voluntary program that certifies small businesses that have practices and policies in place that reduce hazardous waste and protect the environment.

The EnviroStars program started in King County in 1995 and now more than 700 businesses are participating in Western Washington.

A unique local partnership between government agencies and non-profits started in May 2010 to bring EnviroStars to the Spokane area. Businesses certified by EnviroStars receive public recognition and advertising.

In support of National Pollution Prevention Week, Sept. 20-26, 2010, EnviroStars is highlighting the first round of EnviroStars certified businesses. The following certified businesses make pollution prevention happen every day, by reducing their hazardous wastes as well as reducing emissions into the air. These efforts help to protect the Spokane River, the aquifer and lakes and creeks by preventing pollution from entering the water via runoff from city streets:

* AutoCraft – 16111 E. Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99037
* Ed's Premier Auto Body – 2707 E. Francis, Spokane, WA 99208
* Flash's Auto Body & Paint – 2417 N. Astor, Spokane, WA 99207
* K&M Unibody Works – 2011 N. Park Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99212
* Maaco Spokane Valley – 16011 E. Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99037
* Martin Motors – 3105 N. Nevada St. Spokane, WA 99207
* Preedy's Tire & Automotive – 703 E. Pacific Ave. Spokane, WA 99202
* Selkirk Landscape Services – 1910 E. Riverside, Spokane, WA 99202
* Washington Auto Collision – 16811 E. Sprague, Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99037

"Consumers want the choice of shopping at businesses that help keep our community clean," said Tonilee Hanson, EnviroStar's Spokane coordinator. "When you see the EnviroStars logo, you know that the business has been certified for doing its part to keep the river, aquifer, air and land clean."

Qualifying businesses demonstrate their commitment to protect the environment and in turn may gain benefits such as:

* Attracting customers through use of green (sustainable) practices.
* Creating a safer, healthier work environment.
* Increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.
* Strengthening supplier and agency relationships.
* Gaining access to business assistance resources.
* Listings in EnviroStars advertising and promotional materials.

For general information visit For local information or to apply for certification call (509) 847-4337.

In 2010, a partnership was formed to bring EnviroStars to Spokane County. The local steering committee includes the Washington State Department of Ecology, city of Spokane Solid Waste, Spokane Aquifer Joint Board, Spokane County Utilities Water Resources, Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, Spokane Regional Health District, Spokane Regional Solid Waste System and the Spokane River Forum.

Here are actions that businesses and households and others can take to prevent pollution:

* Reduce waste - Reduce, reuse and recycle. Use both sides of paper. Use recycled materials. Choose reusable products, such as water bottles and grocery bags.

* Conserve energy - Turn off the lights when room isn't in use, or install motion detectors to activate lights. Turn the heat down to 68 degrees in winter and air conditioning up to 78 degrees during summer. Weatherize. Replace incandescent lights to compact fluorescent lights. Turn off or unplug electronic equipment when not in use. Bike, bus, walk or share a ride to work. Combine errands into efficient trips. Avoid unnecessary vehicle idling.

* Reduce toxics - Wash vehicles at a car wash. Store products and waste out of the weather, away from drains and on a leak proof surface. Keep wastewater out of storm drains. Buy "green" products with the least toxic ingredients. Sweep (don't water down) outdoor areas. Don't dump liquid chemicals into sinks or the garbage. Replace or add coatings to galvanized roofs. Galvanized metal contains zinc, which is very toxic to fish.

* Conserve water - Install efficient toilets, faucets and showerheads. Water gardens in early morning. Plant native species that need less water.

Media Contacts:
* Tonilee Hanson, EnviroStars, 509-847-4337
* Jani Gilbert, Ecology Communications, 509-329-3495; cell, 509-990-9177; e-mail
* Cathy Cochrane, Ecology Communications, 509-329-3433; cell, 509-290-0685; e-mail

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