Rating System

The EnviroStars rating system is based on your company's demonstrated commitment and actions related to environmentally responsible practices and policies. The more proactive you are in reducing hazardous waste and materials, preventing pollution, and incorporating environmentally sustainable activities, the more benefit and recognition you receive.

2 Star Certification

Demonstrate that you manage hazardous waste properly and set a specific goal to reduce hazardous materials and waste over the next year, and receive the following:

  • A certificate of recognition signed by the County Executive or Commissioner.
  • A window decal announcing your EnviroStars rating to the public.
  • Promotion on our websites and in the EnviroStars Green Business Directory.
  • The EnviroStars logo to use in your own marketing efforts.

3 Star Certification

Identify ways you have reduced hazardous materials and waste in your cleaning practices, product and waste storage, purchasing and inventory management. Show how you have involved and trained your employees, and your business will receive all of the above, plus your business may be:

  • Highlighted in radio advertisements.
  • Mentioned in newspaper articles and other media.

4 Star Certification

Show how environmental responsibility is built into your operations, marketing, management, and tracking/accounting systems. Give examples of how you inform your clients and which systems are in place to reinforce your efforts, you will receive all of the above, plus you may be:

  • Profiled in a success story which is distributed to local newspapers.

5 Star Certification

Demonstrate that you are a proactive leader, spreading an ethic of environmental stewardship and greener practices. Show how your business practices go beyond others in your industry, educate the industry leaders of tomorrow, or involve the community, and your business will receive all of the above, plus may be:

  • Featured in special promotions
  • Considered for environmental awards, such as the Washington State Governor's Award for Environmental Achievement & Sustainability.