Technical Assistance

One of the benefits of EnviroStars certification is the FREE on-site consultation visit and technical assistance.

Convenient! We come to your business at a mutually agreed on time and day, to walk through the facility and operations to see how you are doing things now and if your practices could be improved. We are sensitive to your staff and customer service needs – after all, your priority is running your business. Allow one to two hours.

Knowledgable! The EnviroStars representative has visited many businesses and has seen a wide variety of successful practices implemented – they can share examples with you or put you directly in touch with people in these businesses.

Friendly! We start with where you are. Our approach is to help you ensure not only that you are in compliance with related regulations, but that you have practices and systems in place to go above and beyond in ways that strengthen your business. We'll make suggestions, point out opportunities and can help you get started. We want you to succeed.

On-call! The EnviroStars representative is available to assist you in answering questions that come up in the course of doing business, and to point you to additional resources as needed. They will check in with you periodically to schedule a renewal visit too (annually the first 2 years).

In King and Kitsap counties there are even financial incentives to help you get started with priority changes.

Contact your county representative to schedule a visit today!

New Hazardous Waste tutorial workshops available online!

MORE on-line technical assistance, tools, and resources are available on our Tips & Tools page.