I put the EnviroStars logo on my truck, a couple of new clients saw it and went to the EnviroStars website to get my phone number. I recommend this to everyone! They ask me about EnviroStars too. We owe it to the county for the privilege of all the resources you make available to us.
–Linda Sires, Ridgeway Gardens
Some new patients mentioned finding our practice through the EnviroStars website and repeat patients have asked about the program materials.
–Dr Loren Davis D.D.S.
Dr. SeelyeDr Les Seelye has enjoyed the benefits of the program such as free advertising, and says that his EnviroStar status has attracted an average of three new clients per month.
–Les Seelye, Barkley Boulevard Dental Care
I used EnviroStars-certified Southtowne Auto Rebuild, and it was a great experience! It was so convenient to drop my car off at their Tukwila shop on my way to the airport, they did a great job fixing my crunched hatchback, and I got to support a really proactive 5-Star business.
–Alice Chapman, Local Hazardous Waste Management Program
JeffersonI think you are doing a great job marketing EnviroStars as we are hearing it come up from our customers. We have been even busier than usual this spring. It actually started at the end of February and has shown no signs of letting up. We think it is a fabulous "problem" to have.
–Linda Carroll, Jefferson Landscaping