Washington’s green business resource

EnviroStars is a one-stop shop for Washington businesses to access environmental assistance and gain recognition for being green.

Through the program, businesses can receive free technical assistance, connect with rebates and resources, and follow a clear path to sustainability. Recognized businesses are listed in our Green Business Directory, communicating their environmental commitment to customers, employees and the local community.

4 benefits of becoming an EnviroStars Green Business

Protect the environment
We provide free tools and information to help you protect the health of your employees, customers, and the planet.
Be more efficient
EnviroStars connects you with resources to lower operation costs and reduce waste.
Attract new customers
All recognized businesses receive a toolkit to share their recognition with existing and new potential customers.
Network with Businesses
Build connections with other recognized businesses and member agencies, EnviroStars partners with local programs to offer events and learning opportunities.

Client Testimonials

Shopping with EnviroStars

C and M Auto Complete Care LLC.

Our recognized businesses are stewards of change, collectively working towards a more sustainable future by incorporating both internal and external eco-friendly practices. By shopping sustainably with EnviroStars, you are also making a positive impact on our planet.

Sustainable shopping is making conscious purchases that benefit the environment. EnviroStars businesses break the mold of traditional shopping by reducing overconsumption and waste accumulation. Products are reusable, made from recycled or reused materials, and are zero-waste. Food and beverages are locally sourced to reduce travel emissions and to support Washington’s farmers. Recognized businesses that offer services make sure to use eco-friendly products and implement green practices that do not harm the environment.

Benefits of Sustainable Shopping

Protects the earth’s natural resources, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Reduces landfill and unnecessary waste, promotes a circular economy.
Improves energy efficiency and conservation.
Products made with non-toxic ingredients, improving overall wellbeing.
Find an EnviroStars Business
From cafes and restaurants to hotels and auto repair, find a green business that meets your needs. Start shopping sustainably today! 

Working with EnviroStars

Cities, counties, utilities, ports, non-profits, and community organizations are eligible to become EnviroStars member agencies.

Member agencies support EnviroStars through the option to co-design the program, keeping needs current and adaptable. This role also supports local economy and small businesses through the EnviroStars web portal. This portal allows member agencies to more easily cross-promote services and link small businesses seamlessly to the resources they need. EnviroStars will enhance, but not replace each member’s business outreach program by helping businesses go green.

Member agency benefits include:
2022 Member Agency Mixer
Seamless cross-promotion of your agency’s services, rebates, and resources.
Access to the web platform to track leads, referrals, and businesses green actions.
Promotion and marketing of your agency’s resources on the EnviroStars website, newsletter, and social media pages.

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