EnviroStars Means Green Business

EnviroStars offers a simple path to going green in all aspects of your business. Recognized businesses are listed in our Green Business Directory and can gain additional recognition benefits by completing more actions.


By joining, your business can...

Save money
Protect the environment
Be more efficient
Attract new customers
Be a green leader
Gain recognition

Consumers Support Sustainable Businesses

More than 70% percent of Puget Sound residents think it’s important to buy from environmentally-minded businesses. 90% percent of consumers believe that businesses have a responsibility to help care for the planet, and that sustainable businesses practices should be the standard. Make your customers happy by running your business in an environmentally-friendly way.

Puget Sound residents buy green 70%
Consumers want corporate responsibility 90%
Consumers want businesses to share how they are green 89%
Shoppers aren't sure how to tell which brands are green 80%

Marketing Benefits for Recognized Businesses

We offer three tiers of recognition, achieved by completing green actions. Our starting recognition tier is designed to ensure the program is accessible to all businesses while achieving meaningful environmental changes. Higher recognition tiers provide additional marketing benefits to recognize businesses for investing extra effort to complete additional actions.

Tier 1: Leader
As a Leader Business, you will receive:
  • EnviroStars window decal
  • EnviroStars graphic file for use on your website
  • Callout for your business on EnviroStars social media channels
  • Digital version of recognition certificate
  • EnviroStars green business directory listing
Tier 2: Partner
As a Partner Business, you will receive:
  • All Tier 1 benefits
  • Sponsored Facebook post that includes your business name (non-exclusive)
  • Select promotional materials
Tier 3: Champion
As a Champion Business, you will receive:
  • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits
  • Featured placement in digital ads targeted to your demographic area
  • Consideration for awards
  • Recognition in news media opportunities that arise

Who Should Join EnviroStars?

EnviroStars is open to Washington businesses from any sector, whether restaurant or dentist, manufacturer or retailer, hotel or auto repair shop. The program is especially designed to help small, local businesses and organizations. You don’t need to own your building for your business to go green – making operational and purchasing changes is a great way for your business to reduce its impact.

All businesses in Washington are eligible for EnviroStars recognition in our Green Business Directory, and businesses in participating areas are eligible for marketing benefits. Participating counties include King, Snohomish, Kitsap, Pierce, and Whatcom; participating cities include Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Shoreline, and Edmonds.

Breweries and Wineries
Beauty Industry
Retail Businesses
Dentists and Medical Offices
Offices and Property Managers

Hundreds of businesses have joined EnviroStars, including local leaders such as:

How to Get Recognized

Your business can become a recognized EnviroStars green business by completing our three-step application process. Learn how the recognition process works, or start your application now.